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About us


Hello and welcome to our Website of our friends... the Mongolian Gerbils :)

We are Pete and Liz from Sheffield, UK and we got our first Gerbil back in 2001 for Pete's Birthday. Since then our Gerbil family has slowly gotten bigger.

We are members of the NGS - National Gerbil Society.

  Click the picture to the left for The official National Gerbil Society website

Feel free to look around our site at all the lovely pictures of our gerbies, pictures are often updated as I am an obsessed photographer and am almost always taking pics here and there.

Our breeding aims

We had one breeding pair, they are a Dark Eyed Honey (DEH) and a Red Eyed Honey (REH), our breeding plans were to hopefully produce primarily Saffrons, with DEH, REH and Nutmegs also being in the litters produced. As we have had two litters so far, we now know both of the parents genetics. The DEH is: AaCCeeGGPp and the REH is AaCCeeGGpp. Breeding has been stopped after the second litter as we do not want to continuously keep having pups, which we do not have the space for and do not wish to sell to petshops. We are breeding for our own pets, which we aim to show - I personally could not keep on having pups if I don't have the time to give them all the attention I feel they deserve.

We plan to begin breeding again soon, most likely we will breed DEH x Nutmeg, their genetics being AaCCeeGGPp and aaCCeeGGPp. From this pairing we aim to produce DEH, REH, Nutmeg and Saffron. The DEH should hopefully be very dark due to the Nutmeg pairing.

We breed quailty Gerbils to produce friendly, healthy show quality Gerbils. Any Gerbils that should suffer from a respiratory infection when young will NOT be bred from no matter how good 'quality' they are, also any less friendly or nippy Gerbils will also not be bred from. The reasons for this is, we do not wish to pass on any undesirable traits, whether genetical or environmentally produced. Also, should the mother or father be bad parents in any way breeding will be stopped immediately.

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Monthly News Roundups


April 2005

22nd April

Still awaiting Roma's litter, she looks like she's about to pop any day now, I can actually see the pups moving around inside her, so I think it'll be either during the night or tomorrow sometime.

I was hoping that she wouldn't be giving birth on the 26th day, but it looks like it'll be either the 25th or 26th now... Which will cause problems for me as I have to go to London with Uni... Damn, so I'm having to get my brothers to keep an eye on them and make sure that all the pups are there and accounted for.

Sorry for the lack of updates... I am currently in the middle of a complete revamp of the website and so have been concentrating on that, rather than adding anything new to any of the webpages... The site should be up over the next couple of days, as I am for the most part finished, just 2 more pages to do, I think!

The new website will have a completely new layout, new pages, new graphics etc. But most pages, for the most part will contain the same information, perhaps with some new revised stuff but most pages will also have new images on them, and have a general around nicer look to it!

March 2005

16 March 2005

On the 12th I bought two Winter Whites, their own webpage has been added now, and you can find photos of them there along with information on WW's as a species.

All the Gerbs are fine, and I'm about to begin breeding again. If anyone is interested in any pups I have, please contact me here. I do not ship, and all pups will only go in pairs, or if you have a lone gerbil needing a new partner.

February 2005

February 27th

I have been updating the dipodil page with a diary on my progress with re-taming one of our Dipodils - Miette.

Here is a sneaky peak at one of the added photos:


Feb 20

Well, I've been a little slack in updating, but on the 3rd Feb Tate turned a year old!!! Wow, it's been a year already, man time really goes fly by too quickly right now.

So, here are some celebration pictures of her time with us so far -


Early photos of Tate, when she was so tiny and sweet (she still is though!)

Below are more recent images of Tate, showing how much bigger she is now!





January 2005

24 January 2005

The Bradford Championship show was held over the weekend, and Pete and I entered 11 gerbils into the show (but one was left off the list by accident so, we showed 10) I have updated my shows page, just scroll down towards the bottom and our results are there. I didn't take many photos, just some of some Bushy Tailed Jirds and an unknown gerbil species. I didn't take any of the show as such, with all the show pens etc. Perhaps I should have....

From the results we may change our breeding plans, as our Honey Gerbils did well in the show. However as we only have one saffron, it is difficult to tell whether or not we did well with her, so I might carry on breeding for the saffrons and keeping any honeys too that we breed. The Nutmegs also did well, but as they are not really really dark it is unlikely they will ever get any of the bigger awards, and with Nutmegs being quite difficult to breed, they need constant crossing to black gerbils to increase their ticking, I don't have the space right now for enough breeding lines, so I won't be concentrating on the Nutmegs.


Happy New Year!

I trust everyone had a good one... I guess it must've been better than mine... Well mine was good, it was just the ending to the night was a bit of a 'mare but over all it was a good night.

Well, onto Gerbiley business.

I have added a new page which illustrates the development of Nutmegs. It compares Nutmegs to DEH's as a lot of people find it difficult to distinguish between the two colours. I will also be adding onto the page a guide to a Nutmeg moulting, this will show the amazing moult that a Nutmeg goes through between 6-10 weeks old.

You can find the new page here: Nutmegs

December 2004

17th December 2004

Well, it's Sydney and Kyoto's 2nd Birthday sometime around now! You'd never think they were two years old! I can't believe that they are and I can't believe it's been two years since we got them... Well we got them mid January, but they must have been born earlish December in order to have been 5 weeks old or so by the time we got them. They're still going really well, hopefully we'll have plenty more time with them, Sydney still seems to be sexually active, she was thumping last night... I always heard that by 2 years old they'll pretty much be infertile - so there's some life in the old bird yet ;)

The also means that it's been two years since we lost Orlando :( RIP little fella and one day I'll get a little spotted Lilac just like him.

Little Orlando :(


10th December 2004

Well, I have updated some of the graphics to the website with nice happy christmas type images, nothing too bold or brash and in your face. Just nice subtle images, which keep quite well to the over-all colourscheme of the site.

Nothing much to report back on in the land of the gerbils, everyone seems to be going just fine. The six females are doing well, and hopefully things will stay that way - Siena is a very strong gerbil and I can't imagine anyone attempting to overthrow her any time soon. Whenever you hold her you can really feel her strength, the first Gerbil I've ever had that is like that. Although, I don't ever expect to have any probs as, afterall they have been bred for their calm temperaments.

I took some christmas photos a few months back, I wanted to have some cute pup in tinsel shots - unfortunatel I didn't realise this until the pups were probably 4/5 weeks old, so I have younger-in-tinsel shots :) Here they are:






A Nutmeg pup

I hope you're all ready for Christmas! I am almost, just a couple of presents to buy now... It's crept up on me suddenly over the last week, I didn't realise how close it now was! My brother pointed out to me that we're finishing Uni next week for Christmas, I couldn't believe it! So much work to do over the next week in order to set myself up for deadlines after christmas... We also get back our draft dissertation in a couple of days, I'm starting to get really scared that it'll be really crap and I have to basically write it all again as well as the extra 1 thousand words that I didn't add in, in order to have space to add in new things that I have researched or that they tell me I should include or point something out that I missed... and I did actually find out some more stuff on one of the artists that I didn't know before, so there's something for me to add in already! Arrrghhhh

November 2004

17th November

Phew, a little bit of an ease off on the work schedule for a couple of weeks at last, had to do my draft dissertation and so I've been doing loads of work for the last month and now it's finally handed in I can relax a little and wait for feedback on it in order to see what needs adding, changing etc. (still need to carry on researching and reading up though!)

The second litter are now 9weeks old, so getting old and the Nutmegs are going through their moults. It looks like Tallinn will be a nice dark colour, perhaps darker than Obikwelu, so we could have two good Nutmegs to show there. Paris seems like he might be quite light like Cole, and so perhaps not such a good colour for showing. Everyone seems to be doing well, nothing to report back on...


06 November 2004

The two new pages have been added.

Siena, Madison, Nairobi, Roma, Saffie and Sicily - A group of six females, Siena a REH is the mother and the rest consist of Two Dark Eyed Honeys, One Red Eyed Honey, One Saffron and One Nutmeg.

Santiago, Squeaky and Tallinn - A group of three males, Siena and Dakota's sons. They are Two Nutmegs and One Red Eyed Honey.

There are photos of each one on their pages, hope you enjoy them!


02 November 2004

The genetics page has been updated, hopefully it will be more easy to understand now. I've been working on it for ages, but stopped due to stupid dreamweaver being crap and not letting me have it how I want... So I've ended up it all being craply laid out but still... It does its job.

Did I mention before how crappy dreamweaver is?? Hmph.

Well I best be off to do work. Plenty of it to do.. Dissertation, along with normal illustration briefs.. man I swear they want my blood too!


October 2004

31 October 2004

I've added a new page, it is a page on Dakota and his three sons with photos and a small personality synopsis. I thought it best that I add a page for them seems as he is no longer with Siena and we now have an extra 11 Gerbils than we had before!

A page for Siena and her daughters and a page of the three young males will also be put up sometime soon.


27th October 2004

The pups are just over 6 weeks old now and the males have been seperated off into their own tank, leaving the females who are all now in a nice big tank with plenty of places to dig etc. (That still doesn't stop Siena from trying to escape though!)

I have to name the pups... It's beginning to get difficult! One name I definately have is Nairobe, which is one I wanted to use on the last litter but didn't get the chance to. The rest are unknown, the Saffron will probably continue to be called Saffie, which just leaves the three males now. One of the males is squeaky due to his cute little habit, but Pete informs me that we are not calling him that! heh, I only call it him as a joke anyway :) I might call one chelsea - can that be a male name??? Hmm according to a naming websites it's a female name. Ah well.

I really must upload some photos, I'll have to do that some other time, as at the moment I really am short on time. I have my dissertation that I have to do in two weeks' time. It's only a draft... So not so bad, but I'd still like to have a lot of it done in advanced. I also have plenty of work to be doing for my illustration side of the course.. and well, all this including playing with the Gerbs... Something has to give and unfortunately it has been this so far!

You can always visit my Photobucket profile to see some photos, which have been updated more so than this website recently!

Below are some photos for you to get a taster of the pups:

Click here for a link to my photobucket profile: Liz's fantastical photos!

10th October 2004

Just a quick update... A few days ago we noticed that one of the pups was making a weird sucky, clicky noise. At first I thought it might be a respiratory infection... But it wasn't looking ill, fluffed up, sitting on its own, it was just completely normal and active but sometimes makes this odd noise. It also didn't seem to be in rhythm to its breathing and so we assumed it was just clicking its teeth together. A couple of days later and the pup is still making the noise, I decide that I just can't risk it and so go to the vets. He ends up telling us exactly what we thought, that it was just some unique habit that the little pup had!

Very strange!

He seems to have stopped now, only occasionally I hear a squeak or a little clicking, he's since been named clicky ;)


3rd October 2004

The pups opened their eyes a couple of days ago now... Very strange how time seems to have suddenly rushed past. With starting Uni again and all that, as well as lots of work this year, things have slipped me by without me noticing at all. I noticed how much the pups had grown, Pete and I worked out that they were 17 days old and realised within a few days their eyes should be open! Surely enough, the next day their eyes did! They are now 20 days old and so very cute.

Due to Uni I didn't take many photos for a couple of days, but since then I have been trying to take more as I don't want to miss this time, as I may never have any pups around again and so I want to keep a good diary of their development.









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