Best Canon DSLR Lenses

Canon produces excellent DSLR cameras, and Canon customers are incredibly lucky because some great lenses can be used together. Of course, all lenses are a compromise – the perfect lens does not exist. The lenses in the kit – the manufacturers’ general lenses – are usually quite good in different styles but not excellent in all of them. For example, a sports lens is not necessarily ideal for landscapes. Cost is also a variable that can affect the image quality and ease of use of the lens. Canon users are lucky because of their full-crop frame cameras. To know more about camera lenses, click here:

Landscape Lenses


When it comes to landscape photography, a Canon user has a wide range of options, which can be a great blessing because landscape requires both patience and the pursuit of perfection. Perfect landscape photography awakens a sense of time and place and allows the viewer to interact with the image and its vastness and detail.

This usually requires the photographer to know perspective and composition to ensure that his vision can tell the projected story. The photographer will often have thoroughly examined the scene in advance to ensure that all these conditions are perfect.

Sports Lenses


Every minute counts, and you only get one chance. The practice does make perfect, but using an excellent fast lens will surely help. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens is ideal in crucial areas: fast autofocus, very sharp, and very good in low light conditions. However, it is quite heavy, so you would probably use a monopod. This L-shaped lens is made for full-frame rifles, but it works very well in a crop frame.

For that extra length, it takes about 320mm. Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM is a perfect lens for good illumination, and the image quality is excellent. It is an ideal lens for nature photography, especially in a camera, because the length reaches 640mm. It works like a bazooka and contains more or less the same specific effect.

Travel Lenses


When you think about buying a decent travel lens, you will want to consider something more than just image quality. How big and flexible it should also be a concern. Because when you’re more likely to take travel photographs, you’ll end up traveling, and if you don’t have your Sherpas ready, you’ll bring everything yourself.  Ideally, it would be best to use two different lenses: a bright first one, plus an adjustable zoom lens.

The zoom sections you want to see should be about 30-55mm, which is great for street, landscape, and landscape photography. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens is a superb and fast lens that produces excellent images. It is also weatherproof, which is advantageous when you want to go beyond the city limits. It provides a beautiful, wide-angle, exceptionally sharp image and can be excellent in low light conditions.

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Easy Ways to Fix isdone.dll Errors

Many Dll errors occur in Windows Software. Sometimes, for a beginner, it becomes a huge issue with their laptop. However, you can learn more on How to Fix Dll Errors in Windows 10 easily here. Moving on, one of the most common dll error is Isdone.dll errors. These errors are revealed when trying to install large games in Windows. Ironically, the errors themselves have nothing to do with isdone.dll – the error occurs because your system does not have the memory capacity to extract installation files into your system.

Correcting the error is to ensure you have a fully functioning system, along with the appropriate RAM requirements and the perfect amount of disk space for the game/application you want to set up. Unfortunately, most programs are sadly small and may have potential problems. The following steps will explain how to fix the bug inside – and provide your system with a safe and permanent remedy for some likely bugs. To deal with the error, you must make sure that you can fix the cause of the error. Here are the easiest ways to fix isdone.dll errors.

DLL error varies, but they can be fixed

Add Virtual Memory to Your System

You can add virtual memory to a Windows system if the required disk space has been received. This can be done very precisely with the activities described here. Continue with the “Run” dialog, type “sysdm.cpl” and press Enter. This will open the innovative system configuration dialog. Finally, this can be used to create a completely new page – from this page, select “Settings” in the “Operation” group.

dll errorThis may cause another screen to appear where you select “Change” in the Virtual Memory field. Once you are in the Digital Memory section, you need to estimate the “Automatic” box on your shirt is checked and select “Custom Size” from the radio buttons below. This will allow you to order a custom size record that you will need for a 4096 MB event if you have so much space on your hard drive. If this doesn’t work, it indicates that you have a deeper problem with your system, including things like corrupted or defective RAM usage. In this case, it is best to check every potentially damaged area of this machine and make sure it is working properly.

Close Any Antivirus Programs

Close all antivirus or other programs that may prevent the system from using its full capacity. This can be done as follows. First move the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen. Then right-click and select the equivalent of “Pause” (each AV has its own).

Use Admin Rights

dll errorThis requires an administrator account. If you do not have one – or do not have access to it – you will probably need to get permission from your computer’s secretary. The application of this measure is very simple. First, you must press Start button. Next, navigate to the folder where the installer is stored and tap Setup.exe. Allow the installer to continue and determine if the error occurs. Although it is relatively easy, it requires some experience to ensure that it works properly.

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