Not only browsing, but active downloading often prevents malware on your Android device, particularly when it appears to third-party apps and the app store. According to research, it is estimated that at least 150 illegal Google apps and programs reach the Play Store. Nevertheless, this amount is not alarming enough, but you need to pay attention to what is dangerous and fraudulent. Some of them might even be great, but it is very difficult to distinguish them. The perfect solution that you can use would be to protect your device. For this aspect, it is advisable to use the best mobile security suits in the market. Therefore, read the following essential top security apps for your smartphone. Panda Helper App is the best third-party app if you want to download the suggested apps.

Kaspersky for Android


If you are looking for a security program that will protect your contacts, messages, and all the information on your phone, go for Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite. It aids you to keep your messages confidential and uses filters to hide certain contacts. This makes it simple to limit the availability on your phone. It also lets you set a security code that will be used by the burglar alarm as an alternative to the activation commands. Nevertheless, you should note that the lightweight version isn’t fully equipped to offer all security options.

Avast Security App

In this application, you’ll see quite a few useful security tools that will let you improve your cell phone’s security. The tools included in this application include a security defense, a privacy scanner, and a web defense that allows you to scan URLs. You will find a warning of other malware coming from a particular URL while browsing links or websites. You will also get another benefit of a firewall that comes with this application. This also provides you with the ability to take control of your device through SMS and you can also perform other tasks remotely such as siren activation, phone lock, and wallpaper.

Bitdefender Smartphone Security

Suppose you require full protection that meets for your Smartphone then Bitdefender provides you a tremendous choice that covers Antivirus application and Mobile Security. Nevertheless, you need to have a Gmail account or register with Bitdefender first. Right after downloading this application, you can start a full scan. A full scan will allow you to analyze all files and programs stored on your phone. Even after providing all the important security tools, you can still find it cheaper than other programs that are premium.