Are you friends with someone who is crazy about jailbreaking their iOS devices and installing more apps that are not available in the App Store? Although jailbreaking is a technology that has been going on for many years, you might believe it is reserved for tech followers who like to repair their iOS devices.

A group of intelligent people has come up with an excellent solution for smartphone users who don’t want to tinker with their devices. TweakDoor can be described as an unofficial app store. This app installer will help you get familiar with jailbreaking iOS devices without actually doing it. TweakDoor gives you access to thousands of modified apps. You can search and install paid versions, hack games, and many other apps that will improve the functionality of your smartphone. It is without a doubt the best third-party app installer Cydia has ever had.

TweakDoor is not the only app you can use, and it is not the only app that promises to do this. Many apps are similar to it. If you are an Android user, the good news is that many of these apps will work on your device too. Below is a list of third-party installer alternatives that you can use to install apps:

android device


AppDB is a popular alternative to TweakDoor. You can find many people who love the platform by checking out the subreddit. AppDB’s massive collection of apps is what places it apart from the rest. It’s not hard to conclude that AppDB grants you access to more applications than any other choice on this list. The apps you install with AppDB may display advertisements. Referral services make money by showing ads. AppDB Pro is the best option to remove ads. It can be expensive for a one-year subscription, but it offers a smoother experience. It allows user to sideload an unlimited number of applications and upload your personal IPA. You can also instantly reinstall programs that have been blocked.

Zestia Step

iTunesMany iOS device users rely on this installer to download apps that are not available on the market. Users trust it because it constantly updates its application store. Zestia Step immediately fixes all iOS problems that occur when downloading an app. This app is recommended because you are not required to connect your iOS device to a computer or Macbook. Install Zestia Step on your phone and open the app store to choose from a wide selection.

Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is a very well-known tool. It is known for its Cydia and modded app libraries and premium versions of apps from the app store. It is a good choice for beginners because of its intuitive user interface. It is similar to the other apps on this list. Mojo Installer is reliable for iOS device users. It offers a solid signing setting despite the limited number of apps it supports.