While there are many turn-based app games in the App Store available today, there aren’t many real-time strategy games (RTS) for the iPhone. Programmers find it difficult to create a strategy game that fully adapts to the screen of a mobile phone, that’s why sometimes you need emulators like GBA4iOS for a great app to work on your phone. However, some have made iOS names as unforgettable as RTS PC games. Here is an overview of some of the best strategy games.

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Autumn Dynasty

Autumn Dynasty or AD allows us to relive the epic wars fought against China’s Lords with its Asian game background. The game does not fail in terms of strategy. There are many plans for units that can be unlocked throughout the campaign. The Autumn Dynasty adheres to the RTS mechanisms that are normal in terms of origin and management of basic buildings. It offers the idea that the construction of the base is done by drag and drop, which makes it easier for players. Units can hide under dense forests, and players can take advantage of the altitude.

The stained appearance of the paint is surprisingly beautiful in a retinal display. With surprises and lots of wonderful graphics, Autumn Dynasty offers an unprecedented variety of mobile gaming experience.

The Battle of Amoebas

If you wanted an RTS game based on a concept or theme that is out of the box, Amoebattle is the game you were looking for. Resource management requires the kind of food that carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores amoebas need to develop their skills and grow. Similar to Spore, Amoebattle allows you to mutate your creatures into powerful components. You can accumulate different units that will enable you to invent tactics in your battle against amoebas.


First Strike

This real-time strategy game allows you to take responsibility for hiding the nation’s nuclear stash. Your goal is to destroy hostile states. As you progress, you will hold competitions that open doors and capabilities to countries. Unlike DEFCON, this game does not have a multiplayer mode. The design is equipped with AI. Their tasks before the launch of this rocket include building new missiles and researching new technologies. The missiles serve more than one purpose: they must be launched only to destroy a country or incoming missiles. Make a difference, think twice before using nuclear weapons or doing research.

Fans of the game will be thrilled with every minute. Customers can enjoy the great destruction game on their screen. However, it is only available for the iPad, not iPhone.