List of Third-Party Installer Alternatives for iOS Devices

Are you friends with someone who is crazy about jailbreaking their iOS devices and installing more apps that are not available in the App Store? Although jailbreaking is a technology that has been going on for many years, you might believe it is reserved for tech followers who like to repair their iOS devices.

A group of intelligent people has come up with an excellent solution for smartphone users who don’t want to tinker with their devices. TweakDoor can be described as an unofficial app store. This app installer will help you get familiar with jailbreaking iOS devices without actually doing it. TweakDoor gives you access to thousands of modified apps. You can search and install paid versions, hack games, and many other apps that will improve the functionality of your smartphone. It is without a doubt the best third-party app installer Cydia has ever had.

TweakDoor is not the only app you can use, and it is not the only app that promises to do this. Many apps are similar to it. If you are an Android user, the good news is that many of these apps will work on your device too. Below is a list of third-party installer alternatives that you can use to install apps:

android device


AppDB is a popular alternative to TweakDoor. You can find many people who love the platform by checking out the subreddit. AppDB’s massive collection of apps is what places it apart from the rest. It’s not hard to conclude that AppDB grants you access to more applications than any other choice on this list. The apps you install with AppDB may display advertisements. Referral services make money by showing ads. AppDB Pro is the best option to remove ads. It can be expensive for a one-year subscription, but it offers a smoother experience. It allows user to sideload an unlimited number of applications and upload your personal IPA. You can also instantly reinstall programs that have been blocked.

Zestia Step

iTunesMany iOS device users rely on this installer to download apps that are not available on the market. Users trust it because it constantly updates its application store. Zestia Step immediately fixes all iOS problems that occur when downloading an app. This app is recommended because you are not required to connect your iOS device to a computer or Macbook. Install Zestia Step on your phone and open the app store to choose from a wide selection.

Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is a very well-known tool. It is known for its Cydia and modded app libraries and premium versions of apps from the app store. It is a good choice for beginners because of its intuitive user interface. It is similar to the other apps on this list. Mojo Installer is reliable for iOS device users. It offers a solid signing setting despite the limited number of apps it supports.


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Why Did People Lose Their Interest in iPhone Jailbreak?

The first generation iPhone was first introduced to the market in 2007, and the smartphone consumers went alive with excitement. But the people were a little disappointed with the features that they expected, which were limited in terms of optimizations and mobile applications. And because people like to have more than that, they went their ways to find a solution for that, and the iPhone jailbreak was born. The jailbreak helped ads nice features and functionality to the iPhones. The jailbreak community grew and somehow subsided when sideloading was introduced. Cydia Impactor is an incredibly beneficial tool for all iOS users to install unofficial and unsigned files onto their iPhones.

The excitement for iPhone jailbreak has decreased in recent decades, and there are many reasons why this happened. Below are some of the reasons for the people’s loss of interest to iPhone jailbreak:

Stability and Security Issues


Apple is one of the most trusted brands in smartphones, and they truly care about their products. They make sure that their product’s hardware and software components are very stable. They apply uniform patches to fix security breaches with regular IOS updates. On the other hand, iPhone jailbreak tools are manipulated by software applications and tweaks that have not supported meticulous inspections and security vetting.

A jailbroken iPhone is more inclined to crashes in the applications, multitasks, and looping safe modes. A user who regularly downloads and installs new files on their iPhone are the ones who will likely to experience these issues.

Better Features in Latest IOS

The innovations were bad news for the jailbreaking association when the IOS 7 started to come out. The latest IOS update opposed the main reasons why jailbreak thrived. The first generation iPhones were absurdly conventional yet open with possibilities for independent developers. Apple found out that it is better to integrate their smartphones into IOS 7 with all the newest firmware versions.

Bad Impact on Battery Life


It is almost two decades since mainstream phone supporters bragged that their phone batteries could last up to how many days without even charging it. When the smartphone era has arrived, that thing was left behind in the past. The modern smartphone battery is only useful for a day. And it became more damaged because of the installations of various jailbreak tools. Applications that you have downloaded using jailbreak are the ones who are notorious for consuming away the battery life of the iPhone.

Real-Time Strategy Games for iPhone and iPad Users

While there are many turn-based app games in the App Store available today, there aren’t many real-time strategy games (RTS) for the iPhone. Programmers find it difficult to create a strategy game that fully adapts to the screen of a mobile phone, that’s why sometimes you need emulators like GBA4iOS for a great app to work on your phone. However, some have made iOS names as unforgettable as RTS PC games. Here is an overview of some of the best strategy games.

wins a mobile game

Autumn Dynasty

Autumn Dynasty or AD allows us to relive the epic wars fought against China’s Lords with its Asian game background. The game does not fail in terms of strategy. There are many plans for units that can be unlocked throughout the campaign. The Autumn Dynasty adheres to the RTS mechanisms that are normal in terms of origin and management of basic buildings. It offers the idea that the construction of the base is done by drag and drop, which makes it easier for players. Units can hide under dense forests, and players can take advantage of the altitude.

The stained appearance of the paint is surprisingly beautiful in a retinal display. With surprises and lots of wonderful graphics, Autumn Dynasty offers an unprecedented variety of mobile gaming experience.

The Battle of Amoebas

If you wanted an RTS game based on a concept or theme that is out of the box, Amoebattle is the game you were looking for. Resource management requires the kind of food that carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores amoebas need to develop their skills and grow. Similar to Spore, Amoebattle allows you to mutate your creatures into powerful components. You can accumulate different units that will enable you to invent tactics in your battle against amoebas.


First Strike

This real-time strategy game allows you to take responsibility for hiding the nation’s nuclear stash. Your goal is to destroy hostile states. As you progress, you will hold competitions that open doors and capabilities to countries. Unlike DEFCON, this game does not have a multiplayer mode. The design is equipped with AI. Their tasks before the launch of this rocket include building new missiles and researching new technologies. The missiles serve more than one purpose: they must be launched only to destroy a country or incoming missiles. Make a difference, think twice before using nuclear weapons or doing research.

Fans of the game will be thrilled with every minute. Customers can enjoy the great destruction game on their screen. However, it is only available for the iPad, not iPhone.

What You Should Know About Torrents

Nowadays, people transmit all their photos, documents, videos, on the internet. This activity has become a common practice in the last few years. Young people, especially students, are the ones who frequently use the internet to download movies.

When you listen to the term “Torrents” in the tech world, it usually relates to a computer file that contains metadata containing various information. A Torrent file normally appears with the extension, but it does not include the original contents.

Various Torrent users end up downloading copyrighted materials unknowingly since the ease of application of BitTorrent technology. This action is scowled upon in several countries, and some have been prohibiting illegal Torrents utilizing incarceration. However, that doesn’t mean all Torrents are risky for consumption. There are numerous legal Torrents out there which you can use. For example, the iPhone and iPad users can use the Itransmission to download Torrent files.



Traditional Method

Using BitTorrent to download pirated films violates copyright, and many students are among those who are breaking the law. The working principle of BitTorrent is different from the traditional way of file sharing. In the previous sharing method, we have to go to the online site and search for the file applying the name of the file. Next, you need to choose and click the download button until it finishes downloading. The time taken will depend on the size of the file. Once it gets downloaded, it can be reached and applied whenever you wish. Therefore, it is a transfer from the central server to the computer of the user.

Torrents Method


Torrents, on the other hand, apply a different method of transferring files. A Torrent is a collection of small fragments of a file. You can click on it if someone finds a document on the desired device. The whole file does get downloaded but in bits and pieces. The full file will be reassembled when all of the pieces are received. But it will be collected from various sources.

While in the traditional method the file is got from one source, in Torrents, it is from many sources to compile into a single file. The data set will soon be accessible from many computers, and that is made available to other people. This process improves speed up the downloading and gets collected collectively and proceeded into a bigger unit. These files can also be transferred to other people. As a result, many people can get the advantage of getting some good quality files.

Transfer Speed

The transfer speed can be different since it depends on many contributing factors such as the type of protocol, the number of computing systems that are downloading, and also on the amount of traffic on the server. Sharing is not allowed for some people and could be called as leeching. In other words, you can take advantage, but you are not allowed to transfer. Hence, better quality files can be downloaded using this website.

Amazing Tips And Tricks Of iPhone

You may not know that Apple iPhone has many features than you know. Maybe you tried just of their popular features. But this smartphone hides more features that are useful. Here is a list of iPhone Tricks and strategies that you may have never heard, have the chance to improve the encounter that the iPhone offers; it is better to understand these tricks.

Want to Make a Quick Call

If you want to redial the last number that called, Then there are shortcuts when you want to redial the last number called. Just tap the green call button on the screen. This will show you the last number that you dialed.

Faster Charging with Single Button

Both Apple and X iPhone 8 support fast charging, but if you have a lower version of the iPhone, you can still charge it fast. Just set it on airplane mode when charging. It is 5 minutes faster than usual. And it charges more quickly using the larger iPad.

Conservation of battery life

Settings to create it when you find the battery, then turn off People’s iPhone. As a result, you will stay online and can create a phone. Disable information and solutions, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and search. You can change the data connection to create the battery. Even if you’re an iPhone hacker, it’s a useful device. Yes! Your cable controls the volume.

Control Your Music with a Timer


Love music! Have you ever been a musician? Then there’s every way to keep it going without turning off your iPhone. In such situations, you can use it.Do it to set the timer to capture music > After the timer expires. Before placing the timer, in addition to the music, a timer has been established by a. Tap the beginning. You can play the audio, and it will turn off in a while.

Setting the Alphanumeric Password

Are you looking for another lining? In these scenarios, you can enter a password. To prepare the password, go to Settings > General > Password Lock. If this option is disabled, it will force you to set a password.

Know the Person Who’s Calling without Checking a Phone

Iphone communicationWhen you are in a driving situation or in a condition where you cannot control the display on your phone but need to check who is calling you, Change the friend or family member contact.

It’s called a Ringtone tap by default and brings you to new options. Continue through the settings and select the feature of how you want your iPhone to respond when that contact requires a response.

Take a Snap While Shooting Video

During the shooting a video, There is some event that you want to capture. Gladly, the iPhone has an option to that, and it allows us to capture a photo while shooting a video simultaneously. Just press the shutter button behind the video button, and that it.

Hide Pictures

If you have pictures that are meant for you only, hide them. Go with the photo app, choose the photos you want to hide, tap the share, and select hide option. To view the album folder, look at the hidden album folder.

Using the Text-To-Speech Option

Do you need someone to read those highlighted texts to you? Just set the text-to-speech option, iOs will read it for you. This can be useful for especially when you are driving